About us


Cisterna cafè & bistrot arises from the desire to create a space for meeting and sharing and what’s better than a table? around it dialogues, experiences are compared and differences are mixed. Every gesture linked to food tells a story and we want to tell you about our land. That’s why we choose high quality raw materials in respect of the seasons and preferring the production of the territory.

Every day from breakfast to after dinner Cisterna opens the doors of the house giving life to a completely innovative concept for the Neapolitan hospitality scene: a space that wants to be coffee, kitchen, wine & cocktail bar. Besides all the proposed events, you can create your own, and organize your party, but to find out more come visit us!


Cisterna is a Bistrot located in the heart of Naples, its name comes from the same street where it is located, that is Via Cisterna dell’olio.
history tells that, on the project of the architect Giovanni Vincenzo Della Monica, the construction of four cisterns for the conservation of olive oil that came from all over the kingdom was deliberated.The cisterns are dug along the walls in both directions of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli and the Pignatelli di Monteleone palace. The large containers were created with new conservation methods. However, the cisterns are still underground and the shop at street number 5° it’s a proof oh that. Inside the normal commercial operation a marble plaque is still visible that indicates the capacity of the cistern below: 125.000 liters.

Steeped in charm and mystery, the cistern bistro is a place where you can savor tradition and breathe history.




We are an alternative reality, in the center, into Neapolitan art and culture. Our dishes and drinks are original, made with love and with the first choice of raw materials. This place will be your second home, between relax and friendly family faces.


Come and meet our crazy professional team
that will make your experience unique.


We are waiting for you for a coffee, a drink, a meal,
or anything you want to enjoy in one place and in good company.